Golfweek Junior Golf Tour

University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI

Sorry, registration for this tournament is closed.

 GJT at the University of Michigan
Saturday October 8, 2016 - Sunday October 9, 2016
University of Michigan Golf Course
Ann Arbor, MI
Entry Fee Deadline
Entry Fee Deadline: Wednesday, October 5, 2016
Members: $185    Non-Members : $235 (includes $50 credit towards membership)
                                                                (Two events can be played as a Non-Member)
                                                                (Third event played as a Non-Member will result in automatic membership)
Maximum Field: 90
Tee Times:  Saturday 11:00-2:00
                    Sunday  11:00-2:00
Tee times will be posted and sent out in an email Thursday morning before the event.
Tournament Highlights   
This tournament does not have guaranteed AJGA stars. If the event meets the baseline requirements for any age division it will be submitted to the AJGA for their review. The minimums are as follows: Boys 14-19 = 40 players, Boys 13 and Under = 20 players, Girls 15-19 =12 players, and Girls 14 and Under = 6 players. 
Boys 14-19 Champion will receive an exemption into a GolfWeek Invitational Event

This tournament will be ranked by the National Junior Golf Scoreboard.
This event is sponsored by:
Craig Piscopink, PGA Director of Instruction at Eagle Crest Resort in Ypsilanti, MI 
"Come to the Craig Piscopink Golf Academy and lets create a clear definite plan for your golf game. Clear up all unwanted swing thoughts and swing the club with more clarity and purpose than ever before..."
One of Craig's students, Donnie Trosper, won four AJGA events in 2014. Story here: Golfweek Article
Age Groups & Distances for Midwest Region
Below are the age divisions and distances set for the Midwest region. Age groups are established based on the player’s age on June 1, 2016 for the 2016-2017 Summer, Fall, and Spring schedule.* (See Explanation Below)
Boys      Collegiate              7000-7200 yds
               14-15, 16-19         6500-6800 yds
               13 & Under           5500-5800 yds
Girls      Collegiate             6000-6300 yds
               15-19                    5500-5800 yds
               14& Under            5200-5800 yds
*(Explanation: For the 2016-2017 Summer, Fall, and Spring schedules the players age on June 1, 2016 will determine the players age group. Whatever that players age may be on June 1, 2016 will determine the age group for the Summer, Fall, and Spring schedule)
2250 South State St.
Ann Arbor, MI
Course Information
Length: 6730
Par: 71
Course Architect: Alister McKenzie
Pro Shop Telephone Number: (734) 615-4653
Practice Rounds
Practice rounds must be scheduled and played before the first day of the event, and are the responsibility of the player to schedule. Practice rounds are not covered in the tournament fees and are not organized by the tour. The course’s practice facilities will be open the days of the event, weather permitting, and range balls will be provided to all tournament players as part of the tournament fees at the discretion of the golf course and weather permitting.  
Spectator Information
Spectators are welcome and encouraged at Golfweek Junior Tour events. Spectators are encouraged to help look for lost balls, and aid in efforts to keep pace of play up, however contact between spectators and players must be kept to a minimum and all “advice” is prohibited by the USGA rules. Spectator carts are allowed at all Golfweek Junior Tour events, but are at the discretion of the host course and weather permitting.
Withdrawal Procedure
If you need to withdraw from an event:
            1) You must contact us via email sent to Alex Martin :
2) Send the email as soon as possible so that we can save you money as we have to commit  to pay for rounds of golf the week of the event.
In the body of the email, make sure to include the player’s full name, the name of the event(s) and the date of the event(s). Once this has been received by the staff, you will receive an email confirming your withdrawal.
If a player withdraws from an event 7 days or more before the event, they will have two options:
            -transfer all of the credit towards another upcoming tournament with no fee
            -or receive a refund of their registration with a $50 fee
If a player withdraws from an event inside 7 days before the event they will have two options:
            -transfer all of the credit towards another upcoming tournament with a $50 fee
            -or receive a refund of their registration with a $75 fee
If a player withdraws within 2 A.M. two days before the event and the start of the event, no refund or credit is available for non-members, with no exceptions.  All emails must be received before 2 A.M. two days ahead of time.  If no correspondence is recieved beofre that point, the player is considered to be in the field.  For a member withdrawing after 2 A.M. two days before the event, they may transfer the tournament credit with a $50 fee or get a refund with a $75 fee. 
Junior Orange Bowl exemptions will be granted to the top 16-19 Boy and top 15-19 Girl through the 2016-2017 Season.  The Tour Players of the Year, as determined by the points race, will get an exemption.  Only Players of the Year are eligible.   
North & South Junior Invitational exemptions will be granted to the top 16-19 Boy and top 15-19 Girl through the 2016 Summer & Fall Season, and then another exemption will be granted to the top 16-19 Boy and top 15-19 Girl at the end of the 2016-2017 Summer, Fall & Spring season.
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